Murilla Gorilla and the Missing Mop

Murilla Gorilla and the Missing Mop

Murilla Gorilla and the Missing Mop by author Jennifer Lloyd and illustrator Jacqui Lee

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

Publisher: Simply Read Books

Publication Date: March 6, 2018

More mayhem in Mango Market. This time, Mandrill is missing a mop and enlists the services of bungling detective Murilla to crack the case. Youngsters tracing hints will be surprised to find out who is guilty in this innocent mystery. The neon colored illustrations are attractive and add hilarity to this easy reading chapter book.

The Doll Hospital

the doll hospital 2

The Doll Hospital by author Kallie George and illustrator Sara Gillingham

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: June 5, 2018

What does a doll doctor do when she is overwhelmed with too many toy patients? In this picture book, she gets assistance from her crew of course! This is a satisfying story which can lead to conversations about doctor’s visits, teamwork, occupations and imaginary play. The illustrations are large, textured and contrasting.  When listening and viewing this book in a group, children will not feel like they missed seeing something when the storyteller turns the page.

Mabel and Sam at Home

Mabel and Sam at Home 4

Mabel and Sam at Home by author Linda Urban and illustrator Hadley Hooper

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

Publisher: Chronicle Books  

Publication Date: June 5, 2018

Through dialogue, the author brings readers into the relationship between an older and a younger sibling on moving day in this picture book. Mabel and Sam spend their time pretend playing from morning until night in three different escapades. My Book Eyes enjoys the witty dialogue, creativity and revealing illustrations.

Through with the Zoo


through with the zoo 4
Through with the Zoo by Jacob Grant  
Age Range: 2 – 6 years
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Publication Date: November 14, 2017
In this children’s picture book, a cute goat feels stifled in his current occupation at a petting zoo. Time away from the job allows goat to create a new option for himself which makes work more bearable when he returns. Illustrations project goat’s emotions as he stresses through scenes. My Book Eyes chuckled from beginning to end. On a serious note, this book could spark a conversation with children about how to treat animals.