Jump Up Time: A Trinidad Carnival Story by author Lynn Joseph and illustrator Linda Saport

Grade Level: 1 – 2

Publisher: Clarion Books

Publication Date: September 1, 1998

Christine is old enough to participate in the Children’s Carnival in Trinidad this year but her sister, Lily, is a year too young. The family is involved in creating Christine’s hummingbird costume and Lily is jealous. On the day of the Children’s Carnival, Christine is nervous but Lily is supportive and Christine has a successful experience which she shares with Lily. A good story representing sibling relationships and family working together. My Book Eyes enjoyed reading about the materials and work needed to create the costume as well as research needed to choose a costume that represents Trinidad. Words such as mauby, fried bake, salt fish, play mas, soca, and calypso let the reader know that he or she is experiencing Caribbean culture in this picture book. Illustrations are brightly colored.

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