The Dressing-Up Dad by author Maudie Smith and illustrator Paul Howard

Publisher: Oxford Children’s Books

Publication Date: May 4, 2017

In this picture book, a son named Danny relishes dressing up in costumes with his dad. The father-son pair go many places in their community as rockets, sea creatures, wizards, superheroes to name a few. Danny notices that other dads do not dress-up. He wants his dad to be like them. Danny’s dad does not wear a costume at Danny’s birthday party. The children enjoy the party but want to be chased around by the man who wears the costumes. Danny realizes that he likes his dad in costume and the party fun begins! Illustrations are adorable and capture the close relationship between the two. Diverse characters are shown. A book about a father, a son and fun that can be read anytime of the year.

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