It’s a Sign by Jarrett Pumphrey, Jerome Pumphrey and Mo Willems

Grade Level: Kindergarten – 3

Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children

Publication Date: May 10, 2022

In this Elephant and Piggie Like Reading! early reader, Gerald and Piggie share one of their favorite books with the audience called It’s a Sign. A small animal named One makes paper hats. He cannot write. Another animal named Two can write letters and some words. A third animal comes along but is not named Three which My Book Eyes finds funny. Instead the animal’s name is Kat. Kat is experienced in writing and spelling AT family words. A fourth animal comes along named Four who can write more words than Kat. They need a name for this club that has its members wearing paper hats. Youngsters will love this early reader. It addresses many concepts that are appropriate for this age group in a fun and funny way. All 4 animals are different colors in addition to the gray and pink of Gerald and Piggie. The Pigeon makes a guest appearance at the end of the book adding the color blue. Numbers and sequencing are introduced. What number could Kat be called in this sequence? Size is addressed as the animals go from short to tall. Spelling and a love of writing are observed. Additionally, cooperation and working as a group are seen throughout. Children will think about knowing more as they grow. Illustrations are adorable! Gerald and Piggie make appearances and speak at the beginning and end of this book. A must to add to young ones libraries.

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