One Thursday Afternoon by Barbara DiLorenzo

Grade Level: 1 -2 

Publisher: Flyaway Books

Publication Date: September 5, 2022 

After school, a grandad picks up his granddaughter, Ava. She is sad . The two go on a picnic. It isn’t until grandad takes out his art supplies and shares some artist tips that Ava discusses that she was afraid during a school lockdown drill. Grandad shares his experience in school that was similar and scary to Ava’s school lockdown. She further divulges that she is upset by the media. Grandad didn’t have to deal with media reminders in his youth. The fall illustrations are beautiful. This picture book shows a close relationship that can be compared and contrasted between a grandfather and grandchild and be used in therapeutic and non therapeutic settings to confront ways of dealing with life’s difficult times. A Note from the author/Illustrator includes recommendations for coping with difficult situations. 

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